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Street Art in Manhattan and Brooklyn

November 28, 2017
street art guide NYC

One thing you’ll notice when you walk the streets of NYC is, besides all the hustle-and-bustle, that the city is anything else than a dull, grey concrete jungle. The eclectic street art scene has taken over the most blank wall spaces, making the Big Apple a colourful open museum. During the years I’ve been collecting photos of my favourite pieces of art and I’m happy to participate in my fellow blogger’s photo project 12 magic mottos and this month’s theme…

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12 magische Mottos – same, same but different

June 16, 2016
Moorea beach

*remark* Somehow it seems like my last post about Bermuda has been overlooked according to itsΒ bad statistics πŸ™ Please give it a boost (later) if you missed itΒ  – thank you 😘  *self-promotion off* If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you probably know by nowΒ that I’mΒ a beach bum through and through……

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