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From Sukhumvit to Khao San

April 7, 2017
Bangkok popular areas

Coming to Bangkok from Hanoi almost feels like a cultural shock: Despite being rather close to each other geographically, they are very different: The way Bangkok has developed into a westernized metropolis within the last decades, is quite remarkable. I’m not judging whether this good or bad, but coming from the “West” you’ll feel way more accommodated in Thailand’s capital than probably other places in Asia.…

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Destinations Thailand

Bangkok food diary

March 24, 2016
Bangkok food

Wow – so it almost took me 2 months since Part I… But finally I went through all my Thailand photos and I can finish that part with some foodie memories. After we got our share of sun and sea in lovely Koh Yao Yai, it was time to return to Bangkok – happy to have all the great food options available again.…

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Destinations Thailand

Shop – eat – repeat

February 16, 2015
Bangkok market tips

The ever bustling capital of Thailand has turned into a second home for me, but the city is developing and changing so fast, so there’s always something new to discover (as can be seen here too). The Chatuchak Weekend Market has been an attraction for years, but nearby JJ Green Night Market has become very popular recently with its cool bars and vintage shops (hipster alarm!). …

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