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It’s the most wonderful time of the year in NYC

December 19, 2017
Best places to go during Christmas in NYC

The holiday season is in full swing since Thanksgiving and there’s NO escape from it. Every corner store, even the smallest ones, have some kind of decorations. NYC during Christmas is an overkill, a season of overindulgence and a display of lavish decorations and consumption. The days are short but the lights keep the streets bright. This is not the place if you’re looking for a quiet Christmas getaway:…

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Featured New York City

Street Art of Manhattan and Brooklyn

November 28, 2017
best streetart in NYC

One thing you’ll notice when you walk the streets of NYC is, besides all the hustle-and-bustle, that the city is anything else than a dull, grey concrete jungle. The eclectic street art scene has taken over the most blank wall spaces, making the Big Apple a colourful open museum. During the years I’ve been collecting photos of my favourite pieces of art and I’m happy to participate in my fellow blogger’s photo project 12 magic mottos and this month’s theme…

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Austria Destinations

Being a tourist in your own city: The ultimate year-round guide to Salzburg

November 12, 2017
Salzburg best time to go

The hills are alive…. If you’re not from Austria, let me tell you that a minority of my fellow citizens (and myself) never have seen The Sound of Music (am I missing out anything?) Nevertheless I still can tell you quite something about Salzburg, which – just like Mozart – is my birth town (and that’s the only thing we both have in common!) – and coincidentally this article comes out just before my birthday πŸ˜‰Β …

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Americas Destinations

The Wild West and the Center of the Universe

October 25, 2017
Wild West towns Montana Wyoming

I know I’ve showed you a lot of our Northwest road trip in the last couple of weeks, and yet there was still material left to go through. I promise, this is the last post but it’s close to my heart, because it tells all the great stories a road trip should consist: The planned and spontaneous stops along the road!…

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Americas Destinations

Our short but sweet time in Vancouver

October 14, 2017
Vancouver one day guide

Vancouver: There’s hardly any other city in the world I heard more good things about. And if I look at surveys about quality of living in cities worldwide, Vancouver always is among the top places (competing with my home city Vienna). It’s also home of my far-related and lovely cousin Brianne. It’s been more than three years since she visited me in Austria and I’ve been promising to see her in Canada ever since.…

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Americas Destinations

Eating our way through Seattle

October 5, 2017
Seattle foodie guide

Although this is not a “food only” post, our visit to Seattle ended up focusing on the edible pleasures, rather than its other attractions. Maybe because we’ve been on the road for more than a week non-stop – and although we never had a bad meal – the food along rural roads tend to be the same. Also we were so overwhelmed by Yellowstone and Glacier, we were tired from the driving, hence we took it easy and enjoyed being…

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