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From Sukhumvit to Khao San

April 7, 2017
Bangkok popular areas

Coming to Bangkok from Hanoi almost feels like a cultural shock: Despite being rather close to each other geographically, they are very different: The way Bangkok has developed into a westernized metropolis within the last decades, is quite remarkable. I’m not judging whether this good or bad, but coming from the “West” you’ll feel way more accommodated in Thailand’s capital than probably other places in Asia.…

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Hello Hanoi!

March 31, 2017

Hanoi, Vietnam in March: I’m desperately cleaning my feet with the last piece of tissue because I thought wearing sandals on the wet, dirty streets was a good idea. I switched back to my chucks. It’s been the first day of my vacation and I couldn’t wait to change into my summer clothes as soon as possible. Little did I know that Hanoi suffers a constant overcast sky, rain or drizzle during that time of the year.…

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A perfect weekend in Brno

March 4, 2017
Brno travel guide

Brno – pronounced (“Br-no”) – is Czech Republic’s second largest city. Never heard of it? Well, this is just another good example for a country that is dominated by a big capital while other cities are hardly on a traveler’s map. However, from Vienna it’s just a stone’s throw away and I can’t believe I just made it there last weekend for the first time……

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Highlights of Northern Tunisia

February 5, 2017
what to see near Tunis

What to see near Tunis or (Northern) Tunisia: It’s a country full of colours and contrasts: The white facades, the blue sky, ocean and doors, green farmlands and the red of the tomatoes and Harissa (chili paste) found in Tunisian food create a wide-ranged palette. It got even more colourful when we left Tunis to explore some smaller towns, the countryside and the Mediterranean Sea. …

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Lost in the medina of Tunis

January 22, 2017
Travel guide Tunis

Tunisia – known for its beautiful beaches, desert back-country and ancient ruins has always been a popular tourist destination for Europeans. Way too many years ago I visited Tunisia during a class trip after my high school grad – you may guess it – as a bunch of teenagers our first priority was party, party, party and we hardly saw anything outside our resort fences… Too bad.…

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New York City

New York City Fall Edition

November 25, 2016

Oops I did it again! I went to NYC the third time this year! Nope I’m not rich, I only got super cheap tickets each time (if you’re wondering) 😛 After spring and summer I experienced how autumn/fall is like in the Big Apple and it’s challenging all the other seasons for being my favourite. Why? Because if these cool things:…

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