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Taco Tasting in Playa del Carmen & Tulum

February 9, 2018
best places to eat in Playa del Carmen

I looove Mexican food, especially tacos in all variations – fish, meat, vegetarian – I want it all! I admit, NYC spoils you pretty much with cheap, good tacos widely available, but I saved my hunger for our trip to Mexico. We had our base in Playa del Carmen which is not exactly known to have the best Mexican food, most likely “thanks” to the millions of visitors that flock in every year.…

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Asia Destinations

Hello Hanoi!

March 31, 2017
Hanoi street photography

Hanoi, Vietnam in March: I’m desperately cleaning my feet with the last piece of tissue because I thought wearing sandals on the wet, dirty streets was a good idea. I switched back to my chucks. It’s been the first day of my vacation and I couldn’t wait to change into my summer clothes as soon as possible. Little did I know that Hanoi suffers a constant overcast sky, rain or drizzle during that time of the year.…

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Eat & Drink Vienna

The Vienna coffeehouse guide Pt. 2

March 11, 2017
Vienna coffeehouse guide

So while I showed you a few of the big names of the Viennese coffeehouse scene in part 1, I’m continuing with some of my personal favourites hereafter. Again, the coziness factor of these cafés will make you stay longer than planned, so if you’re in a rush, you’re at the wrong place. And if you’re in that unlucky situation right now that you don’t have a Viennese coffeehouse nearby, I’d recommend to grab your favourite bean juice, sit back and…

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Eat & Drink Vienna

The Vienna coffeehouse guide Pt. 1

February 17, 2017
Vienna coffeehouse guide

Winter in Vienna: There’s hardly snow but lots of grey clouds. It’s usually cold and quite depressing. People prefer to stay in during this season and if they’re getting tired of their own homes, they escape to their “extended lounge” – that’s what a Viennese coffeehouse is called here. Once entered, it becomes pretty clear why: The Viennese café is the opposite of rush and rapidness.…

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Eat & Drink Vienna

Eating Japanese in Vienna Pt. 2

December 2, 2016
Japanese food Vienna

It seems like Japanese food is becoming very popular in Vienna these days: A lot has changed since my last article and people started realizing that Japanese cuisine doesn’t equally mean sushi only. In fact, the places which have opened recently focus on other classics like Onigiri or Udon – and therefore are a welcome change to the existing restaurant scene.…

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New York City

New York City Fall Edition

November 25, 2016

Oops I did it again! I went to NYC the third time this year! Nope I’m not rich, I only got super cheap tickets each time (if you’re wondering) 😛 After spring and summer I experienced how autumn/fall is like in the Big Apple and it’s challenging all the other seasons for being my favourite. Why? Because if these cool things:…

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