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Planning tips for your (long) term travels Pt. III: Packing list

February 26, 2017
travel packing tips

After I’ve talked about general precautions and my travel budget, it’s time to continue with some packing advice in my travel tip series: Whether I go for a weekend, two weeks or several months – my philosophy has always been to go as light as possible! And after all, it doesn’t make much of a difference. When I traveled for 7 months around the world I carried actually the same weight like I’d do for a two-week vacation.…

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Destinations General

Planning tips for your (long) term travels pt. II: Budget

January 13, 2017
travel budget planning

Hi, I’m back again with part II of my travel tip series! About a month ago I wrote about the most important precautions before going on an epic journey – so if you missed that one, please check it out here. If you ever thought about traveling for a longer time period, you most likely wondered about these questions: How much money do I need? What to pack? Where should I book my tickets and hotels? In the following, I’ll…

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From the archives: Cambodia

March 24, 2015

I think no other nation is as proud of its national monument as Cambodia and surely there’s a good cause. The temple city of Angkor is really huge, with endless numbers of ruins to explore in a mystic jungle setting.…

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