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Eating our way through Seattle

October 5, 2017
Seattle foodie guide

Although this is not a “food only” post, our visit to Seattle ended up focusing on the edible pleasures, rather than its other attractions. Maybe because we’ve been on the road for more than a week non-stop – and although we never had a bad meal – the food along rural roads tend to be the same. Also we were so overwhelmed by Yellowstone and Glacier, we were tired from the driving, hence we took it easy and enjoyed being…

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Americas Destinations

Glacier National Park – The Alps of America

September 25, 2017
Glacier National Park easy hikes

Oh gosh, where should I start with this article? The breathtaking mountain views? The crystal clear alpine lakes? The abundant wildlife? I don’t know. All I know is that this place left a huge mark in my heart and memories. And that I want to return one day. Glacier National Park in Northwestern Montana is also called the Alps of America, but it’s much more than that! …

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Americas Destinations

Yellowstone National Park – hiking from geysers to mountains

September 12, 2017
Best short hikes Yellowstone

It was 1872 when one of mankind’s best ideas came to life: The US congress and President Ulysses S. Grant established the world’s first National Park “for the benefit and enjoyment of the people” A bunch of smart scientists recognized the potential of Yellowstone’s landscape, wildlife and geothermal features which are unique on our planet and therefore worth protecting. To me whatsoever, I never had Yellowstone on my radar.…

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Americas Destinations

From Billings to Vancouver – Postcards from the road

September 4, 2017
Yellowstone Glacier National Park road trip

Let’s go on a road trip! Guys, sorry for keeping my blog so quiet for the last three weeks, but I made quite a few miles during that time! Meanwhile I’m back in Vienna (for now) but I’m still digesting all the impressions from our epic road trip through the Northwest. We hit some incredibly beautiful places, took tons of photos and we laughed, we suffered, we were in awe and we drove. We drove a lot. So let me…

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Featured New York City

Exploring NYC by ferry

August 14, 2017
New York City ferry guide

This summer a new era has begun in the transportation history of NYC: It’s never been easier, cheaper and more comfortable to explore the city by ferry! The NYC ferry has launched with brand new boats, routes and schedules, making it a pleasure to visit some of the city’s less well connected areas.…

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